Making a complex system simple for you

Lien Resolution Services, LLC (LRS) knows how to deal with state Medicaid benefits, and the Medicaid offices all over the country, by—

  • Initiating contact with any state Medicaid agency in the country
  • Knowing all applicable laws in the separate jurisdictions
  • Utilizing our established relationships with state officials to efficiently communicate during the resolution of Medicaid liens
  • Disputing and negotiating the lien with agency officials utilizing both legal and medical arguments to reduce each lien
  • Monitoring, reporting, and streamlining the entire lien process for you so that the hundreds of Medicaid plans across 50 states are no longer an impediment to your settling a case

Protecting benefits through benefit protection trusts

Our partners nationwide can help protect each client’s benefits by—

  • Protecting settlement money so that disabled clients can continue to receive Medicaid, special state benefits, and/or Social Security income
  • Determining whether a benefit protections trusts or special needs trust will be most beneficial to the circumstances
  • Drafting trust documents in compliance with state and federal laws to protect your client’s settlement funds

Ready to resolve your Medicare lien matters

If you need assistance with state Medicaid lien resolution, contact Lien Resolution Services, LLC today.